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List of Silhouette Champions

Silhouette Target Manufacturers Source List

Scale drawings of metal silhouette targets are available in PDF format. The various targets are listed below:

Note to Tournament Sponsors & Competitors:
When reporting your match to the NRA Competitive Shooting division, please make sure that you indicate the number of competitors (not just a check mark), on the Jury Reporting card. This is required for all Approved Matches. If you wish, you may mail the Jury Reporting Card in an envelope. This might help solve the missing report problem that exists. Also, should you have to cancel a match, please contact the NRA at the below address ASAP.

National Rifle Association
Attn: Silhouette Dept.
11250 Waples Mill Rd
Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: 703.267.1474
Fax: 703.267.3941

If you are sending in a Grand Slam Reporting form and the competitor fired 10 in a row with the same gun on more than one animal, you may check all the boxes required on the one form (i.e. competitor shot High Power Rifle and hit 10 in a row on rams and pigs - just send one form with both rams and pigs checked off).

Silhouette National Record Reporting Forms may be downloaded here.

After your last match of the year, please send in the remaining/unsold Classification Book Covers to NRA as soon as possible so that we receive the serial numbers for accountability/inventory purposes. You may also send your reporting card for any matches you missed in the same envelope.

Scores in an 80-shot Aggregate Match should be entered in the Classification Score Record Book as they were fired. If the match was fired as two 40 shot matches, then both 40 shot scores should be entered. The Classification Book shows 60 and 80 shot break points for firing a 15 or 20 shot string at one time. If the match was fired in this fashion, you would then enter the 60 or 80 shot total in the Classification Book.

The 2013 Classification Books have arrived, and the cost of the Silhouette Classification Score Record Books remains at $13.00 per book.

From the NRA Silhouette Committee:
The Silhouette Committee is accepting bids for Silhouette National Championships in the year 2014. For most disciplines, a 10-bank range is required. Bids must be submitted to NRA by August 1, 2013. Any bids received after this date will be considered only if NRA has still not made a decision. As a general policy, NRA rotates matches into different regions of the country every year, but has felt that Smallbore Rifle and High Power Rifle have the best response when fired in a back-to-back format.

For BPCR competitors, rule 9.2.1 covers "sighting in" prior to start of your first stage of 5 shots. What this rule means is that the first stage: and the first stage only, of a 10 or 15 shot match will be the only time you may fire "sighters" or fouling shots on a gong, or over the targets. Shots WILL BE scored as soon as you let the scorer know that you are finished taking "sighters", and that you are ready to shoot for score.

All Silhouette Rifle disciplines please review Rifle Rule 3.12. Please adhere to the clothing guidelines mandated for all NRA sanctioned monthly, regional, state, and National Matches. Also, for all NRA sanctioned/registered matches, tournament sponsors/officials should weigh the rifles as well as checking the 2-pound requirement for Hunting Rifle triggers. Officials must also check for a fully operational safety in all hunting rifle categories.

International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association (IHMSA) members that wish to compete in NRA events may use their IHMSA classification card to determine in which class they should compete. They are still required to purchase a Classification Score Record Book.

The Committee addressed a question about target stands in Cowboy Lever Action matches. The new rule will read as follows:

"4.2 Target Setting (Cowboy Lever Action Only) - To ensure that full-size rams will be knocked down with reasonable loads, they should be set so that the center of gravity works through a plane intersecting the stands approximately 1 1/4" forward of the rear edge. This can be accomplished by experimentally moving the target to the rear until it topples, and then moving it forward 1". Stands can be designed to incorporate stops to facilitate setting the targets at the proper topple point. Pistol Cartridge Cowboy Lever Action rifles and Smallbore Cowboy rifles are to be set full-foot and flush with the backs of their stands."

The next item concerned all three Cowboy Rifle break points and will now read:

Master 35-40
AAA 29-34
AA 22-28
A 15-21
B 0-14

The NRA has formed a "Shooters With Disabilities Committee" to increase participation by persons with physical disabilities in the shooting sports. If you have disabled competitors that are shooting in your events, check to see if they have the necessary disability waiver, either for a six month temporary or a permanent waiver card. If they do not have one, they can call the Silhouette Department at 703-267-1474 and we will assist them in getting the credentials so they will be able to compete in all Silhouette events.

Any further questions or comments can be directed to the NRA Silhouette Department by calling 703-267-1474. Good shooting and be safe.