Tournament Reporting
(Tournament Reporting-
New Member ID Numbers- NRA ID numbers have been in use for some time and most competitors are using them. However, a lot of competitors are including the leading zeros on their SR card. The leading zeros are not required and should not be included. NRA members should use their membership number. Non-member competitors receive a number that is 15 digits long and the full number must be placed on the SR card. These numbers are similar to "101000012345678".

Regardless of the competitor's number, it must be on the report so scores can be posted to the correct person. When a report is received without an ID number, we must look up that competitor by their name and address. Because of this, it is important that the competitor use the same name for each tournament they enter. As an example, John Smith enters a tournament using "John Smith". His next tournament is entered as "J. Smith". Without an ID number, we have no idea if they are one and the same and a new shooter record is created for J. Smith. It is also necessary to include any suffix such at Jr., Sr., 2nd., etc.

On a similar note, non-member competitors who become NRA members should notify the Tournament Reporting Dept. when their membership card is received. We will need both the non-member and new membership number. This will allow us to move any scores posted under the non-member number to the membership number so the shooter's record will be current.

Individual Score Reporting Forms (SR cards) are available for downloading in PDF format. Once downloaded you may make as many copies as you need for the competitors in your tournament. Note that these are only the part of the SR card that is submitted to the NRA

NRA Conventional Tournaments (Except High Power Rifle) Download
NRA International Tournaments Download
NRA High Power Rifle Tournaments only Download
NRA Intl Fullbore Prone Tournaments only Download
NRA Black Powder Target Rifle and Muzzle Loading Download
NRA Action Shooting Download
Silhouette Jury Report Download

Shooter Classification Check - Competitors in NRA Sanctioned Tournaments may now check their current classification on-line. Enter your NRA ID number where indicated, click the "GO" button, and a list of the shooting programs you are currently active in will be shown with your current classification and effective date. (See next item)

Obsolete Classifications - Since competitors may now check their classification on the NRA web site, we have had quite a few questions as to why a record is not found for them. The answer to most all of the questions is that they have not shot in an NRA Sanctioned Tournament or League for some years.

Rule 19.9 (Obsolete Classifications and Scores) states; "All classifications and scores (including temporary, Rule 19.14) except Master, shall become obsolete if the competitor does not fire in NRA competition at least once during 3 successive calendar years. Master classifications and scores shall become obsolete if the competitor does not fire in NRA competition at least once during 5 successive calendar years. Lifetime Master classifications will not become obsolete."

Scores Used for Individual Classification - We receive many questions as to the use of fired team scores for classification. Rule 19.4 states in part that "..all scores fired in NRA sanctioned individual and team competitions . . " are used for classification purposes.

E-mail Tournament Reporting - Although we cannot, at this time, accept score reports electronically, we will continue to accept, by regular mail, computer generated score reports from tournament sponsors in place of SR cards. However, we have been receiving reports that were not usable and had to be returned to the sponsor for correction before scores could be posted the competitors. Type size is important as it must be easily read by our data entry operators. A minimum of a 10 point font must be used. SR cards may be still used. Sponsors are still required to send not only the scores for each competitor, but a fee report form with the appropriate fees. Currently, this cannot be done with e-mail.

Only the following information is required for each competitor (preferable in the order listed). Anything more only slows down the posting process.

NRA ID number (if available)
Complete name and address of competitor
Total record shots fired (do not include sighting shots)
Total aggregate score for the tournament or league (no averages)
If fired team match; shots fired and score.

Copies of result bulletins are not acceptable for score posting.

If you have any questions please call the Tournament Reporting Dept. at 703-267-1454.