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One-Day Schools

Peacemaker National Training Center
Gerrardstown, West Virginia

The NRA is producing a series of affordable one-day world-class shooting schools at Peacemaker National Training Center in 2019. The content is written by competitive shooters and industry experts, and designed in most cases for entry-level to intermediate-level students to attend with their own firearms.

There will be special firearms for students to try in each class for an ammo fee, which is optional. To shoot these special firearms, please check the appropriate option in the registration links below. Space is limited, so register today!

Introduction to Handgun Competition


During this course, students will learn the differences between USPSA, NRA Action Pistol, Steel Challenge, NRA Precision Pistol, Falling Steel and IDPA Handgun Competitions.

Students will also learn to draw from the holster safely, reload, shoot from various positions including the use of barricades, windows, etc. In addition, students will shoot actual match courses of fire similar to those they might encounter in an actual match. NRA Bianchi Cup ranges, Steel Challenge, Falling Steel, USPSA Precision Pistol, and/or IDPA courses of fire will be used during this training.

Introduction to Long-Range Shooting


It can be difficult to understand how to get started in long-range shooting. Even for shooters with some long-range experience, becoming proficient at longer ranges can seem hard.

Find out how to get on track for success. We’ll help you get started in your long-range shooting journey and get you hitting targets from 300 out to 1000 yards.

October 26, 2019

Advanced Long Range


For intermediate to top-level long-range shooters, whether you’re a competitive shooter, recreational long-range shooter, military sniper, law enforcement, or long-range instructor

Presented by senior NRA Competitive Shooting staff members and hand-selected Peacemaker National Training Center instructors. This course takes a deep look into the necessary skills needed to become great at long-range shooting and the skills that can be used in a practical or competition environment. We’ll help you understand how to get better, break through plateaus and improve at hitting small targets in difficult conditions from 300 to 1000+ yards.

Get on track to achieve championship-level success and build your confidence by improving and enhancing your skills and abilities.

Introduction to 3-Gun


An introductory 3-gun school on world-class ranges. Observe an actual 3-gun match as part of the class.

Learn about the rules, scoring, firearm requirements, gear requirements, and match requirements for 3-gun competition. Students will begin by learning proper gun safety for all three firearms and the entry-level competition techniques and gear needs for 3-gun. Students will also utilize dynamic live-fire 3-gun ranges and the CMP Steel Targets portfolio of 3-gun and action-style targets.

October 19, 2019

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