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Competitive Shooting Events

NRA's Competitive Shooting Division offers a wide range of activities in all types of shooting and sanctions over 11,000 shooting tournaments and over 50 National Championships each year.

Upcoming Competitive Shooting Matches

The NRA National Matches

The National Matches, considered America's "World Series of the Shooting Sports," have been a tradition since 1907. Each summer, the nation's finest civilian and military marksmen and women square off for five weeks of rifle and handgun competition in a variety of formats and events.

Bianchi Cup

The Bianchi Cup is the NRA National Action Pistol Championship, held the week before Memorial Day weekend in Columbia, Missouri. With the largest purse of any tournament on the action pistol calendar, it is one of the most prestigious events in shooting with the best shooters in the world competing.

Collegiate Championships

Nearly 300 colleges and universities in the U.S. offer shooting programs. If you are new to the collegiate shooting sports arena, read our Collegiate Shooting Guide to get started. If you are an experienced competition shooter and are looking for a potential college or university to attend, click on the Collegiate Shooting Sports Directory

Black Powder Target Rifle Championship

NRA Black Powder Target Rifle competition allows any safe original, modern production or custom variety black powder rifle to be fired in matches at distances of 100 to 1,000 yards. The courses of fire use the same targets as NRA High Power Rifle competition. Black Powder Target Rifle competition also complements the existing NRA Black Powder Cartridge Rifle silhouette competition shooting program.

NRA World Shooting Championship

The competition, gathering the top shooters in the world to compete in virtually every type of major firearms shooting sport including pistol, rifle, shotgun and combined firearm sports, will crown one competitor the undisputed "World Shooting Champion.”

America's Rifle Challenge

NRA America’s Rifle Challenge presented by Daniel Defense® lets owners of America’s most popular new rifle platform develop and showcase their AR skills. The AR Challenge offers opportunities to learn new, or further develop, your skills and even test them out in competition.

Silhouette National Championships

Big game rifles as well as varmint rifles have proved to be quite satisfactory for this kind of competition, and a number of rifles have been specially built. The use of a specially built rifle does not automatically guarantee a winning score. Since coaching is allowed, the presence of a good coach can make a great deal of difference although the individual shooter still has to perform to his best ability in order to win.

Muzzle Loading Championship

The NRA and the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association team up for this event. When you register for the NMLRA events, you are automatically entered in the NRA events! The NRA offers $100 for first place, $75 for second place and $50 for third place for each championship. Category winners for juniors, seniors, and women will receive trophies.

F-Class Nationals

F-Class is a long range high-power rifle competition. Competitors fire at distances of 300 to 1200 yards with any caliber rifle up to a .338, a scope, and a front and rear rest or bipod.

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Competitive Shooting Programs

The Competitive Shooting Division of the NRA offers a wide range of activities in all types of shooting, sanctions over 11,000 shooting tournaments and sponsors over 50 national championships each year.