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Rule Books

Download the NRA Rule Books and updates in PDF format by clicking the links in the table below.

NRA Official Rule Books

PDF Rule Book Updates
NRA Action Pistol Rule Book Action Pistol Rule Changes (2017)
NRA BB Gun Rule Book BB Gun Rule Changes (2015)
NRA Black Powder Target Rifle Rule Book Black Powder Target Rifle Rule Changes (2016)
NRA Precision Pistol Rule Book Precision Pistol Rule Changes (2016)
NRA High Power Rifle Rule Book High Power Rifle Rule Changes (2017)
NRA High Power Sporting Rifle Rule Book High Power Sporting Rifle Rule Changes (2013)
NRA International Fullbore Rifle Prone Rule Book
NRA International Pistol Rule Book
(includes Air Pistol)
NRA Muzzle Loading Rule Book Muzzle Loading Rule Changes (2013)
NRA Police Pistol Combat Rule Book
NRA Precision Air Rifle Rule Book
NRA Silhouette Pistol Rule Book Silhouette Pistol Rule Changes (2018)
NRA Silhouette Rifle Rule Book Silhouette Rifle Rule Changes (2018)
NRA Smallbore Rifle Rule Book Smallbore Rifle Rule Changes (2016)
NRA Sporter Air Rifle Rule Book

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