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Match Director's Bulletin

Security at the National Matches at Camp Atterbury

There are a few changes in base security. The Department of Defense updated security procedures to those of an active military base. Everyone arriving on the base will have to be vetted. This process takes less than 5 minutes and is done Monday to Friday. Here is the procedure:

  • Monday thru Thursday, 9:00am to 12:00pm, vetting is done at the Welcome Center, see map. This is the first building on the right, as you come down the hill, just before the main gate. The traffic light is too far.
  • Monday thru Thursday, 12:00pm to 10:00pm, and Friday, 9:00am to 10:00pm, vetting is done at the front gate.
  • If you arrive any other time, request a Visitor Pass at the gate. You will need to return the visitor pass to either the Welcome Center, 9a-12p, or the Main Gate, 12p-10p, and be vetted.

A reminder to competitors staying on base. Lodging is open from 2:00pm to 4:00pm for check-in. If you arrive outside those times, ask for your room key from the Security Guard on the front gate.

The National Match Headquarters is in FOB-2. All match related activities will be conducted in this building. There is a map in the front of the Match Program.

The opening Ceremony is July 8, 2023 at 10:30am on Range 6. There will be distinguished speakers and a cook out. Our sponsor, FOSTEC, will have a display of weapons to test fire.

2023 National Match Rifle & Pistol Championships Program

2023 National Match Calendar

NRA National Championships

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The NRA reserves the right to, at any time, change the status of Regional, Sectional, and National Matches pursuant to federal, state, and local regulations due to the Covid-19 global pandemic.

National High Power Matches
July 8-15, 2023
Camp Atterbury, Indiana

July 8 Packet Pick-Up
July 9 Second Amendment & Whistler Boy
July 10-13 XTC
July 14 Team Matches
July 15 EIC Legmatch
July 16 MR Packet Pick-Up & Seeding Match
July 19 MR Team July 17-18 / 20-21 MR Course
July 23 Packet Pick-Up
July 24-28 LR
July 27 Palma Individual Match
July 28 Palma Team

National Pistol Championships
July 18-22, 2023
Camp Atterbury, Indiana

July 18 Packet Pick-Up & Un-Squadded Practice
July 19 Prelim (no awards) / Harry Reeves
July 20 .22 / .22 EIC
July 21 Center Fire / Dist. Revolv
July 22 .45 / Service Pistol EIC

National Smallbore Championship
July 25 – August 6, 2023
Camp Atterbury, Indiana

July 25 3P Packet Pick up/ Squadded Prac
July 26-29 3 Position
July 30 Prone Packet Pick up/ Squadded Prac
July 31-Aug 6 Prone and F-Class

National Silhouette Championship - Lever Action Rifle
Ridgway, Pennsylvania

June 16-17 Prac
June 18-19 Big Bore
June 20 Pistol Cartridge
June 21 Smallbore

National Silhouette Smallbore Championships
July 2023
Raton, New Mexico

July 16 Reg and Prac
July 17-19 Match

National Silhouette High Power Championships
July 2023
Raton, New Mexico

July 20 Reg and Prac
July 21-23 Match

National Silhouette Black Powder Cartridge Rifle
Friendship, Indiana

July 23 Check in / Prac
July 24-25 BPCR Scope Match
July 26 Check in / Prac
July 27-28 BPCR Iron Match

2023 National Indoor Sectional Championships

F-Class Nationals for 2024 and 2025 will be held in Lodi, Wisconsin.


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